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Country guide for EFL teachers

English language "at risk" of losing its status in the EU

 While Brexit gives rise to a never-ending series of neologisms in every European language, it seems that English could be at risk of losing its official status in the EU.

English is one of the 24 official languages of the EU. But with the UK out of the game, English would be only spoken in Ireland and Malta – and the fact that Irish and Maltese are also among the official languages has given some people a reason to start a fight against the English linguistic empire.

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English teaching profits plummet due to Brexit

 Uncertainty over the result of the EU referendum is causing ‘unprecedented damage’ to the UK language teaching industry, one Cambridge language school has claimed.

John Barnett of Cambridge Academy of English warned in his local press that summer bookings were being hit because of currency exchange uncertainty. This comes on the back of a 25 per cent drop in the number of course weeks sold in the UK last year, according to unaudited early return figures from English UK members. Enrolments in Ireland, the UK’s closest rival, rose 10 per cent in the same period.

To read Melanie Butler's full article in EL Gazette,please follow:


Test for teachers kicks off Malaysia's push for English

The Malaysian Government committed itself to ensuring that every child will be proficient in Bahasa Malaysia and English by 2025. At the same time, teachers of English were told that they must pass a test of English proficiency within two years or be moved to other roles.

The prime minister Najib Tun Razak announced these ambitious plans to improve English literacy last month, but a decade of policies intended to spread English language skills have foundered because teachers in rural areas have limited command of the language.

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Student Visa System Fraud Exposed in BBC Investigation

The Home Office has suspended English language tests run by a major firm after BBC Panorama uncovered systematic fraud in the student visa system.

The TV programme exposes the breath-taking frauds that allow bogus foreign students - some with little or no English - to remain in the UK. Around a hundred thousand non-EU students applied to the UK Border Agency in 2013 to extend their stay, but it seems studying is not the main aim for all of them as some simply want to stay on to work illegally.

Reporter Richard Watson unmasks the criminal immigration agents who - in return for cash - secure places at private colleges by arranging forged and fraudulent documents, including bank statements that are good enough to fool immigration officers.

The programme reveals how government-approved exams - designed to weed out those with inadequate English - are being routinely subverted with fake sitters taking spoken English exams for the bogus students and multiple choice tests where they're given all the answers.

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Stricter Work Regulations in Beijing

The Beijing Municipal Commission and the Beijing Human Resources Bureau have issued decrees requiring stricter regulations in hiring foreign workers, especially teachers.

Foreign teachers will need to have a bachelors degree and a clean criminal record in addition to being under sixty. According to the Asian Correspondent, they will also need a "standarised internationally recognised test", a teaching Knowledge Test or equivalent in order to be able to teach in the city.

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