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The implications of Turkey's failed coup on education sector

 The purge of civil servants following July’s failed military coup in Turkey seems to have hit the education sector hardest. Travel bans and orders to return to work have been imposed on university teachers, with mass sackings throughout the education sector. The EL Gazette has heard conflicting reports of how this purge has affected Turkish nationals and native-speaker expatriates working in English language education.

As of 3 August, purges seem to have abated, with no evident increase in dismissals. The government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had suspended 15,200 employees who fell under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, by far the biggest purge by government sector. Some 21,000 school teachers had their licences revoked. The focus is on alleged members of the Gülen Movement – an Islamic social movement that the Turkish government claims is a terrorist organisation.

To read Matt Salusbury and Josh Devlin's full article in EL Gazette, please follow: